An Sneak Peak at Chapter 1

By E.L.Bosse


At the sound of the screech, the wounded megabill calf had a burst of energy, quickly trying to catch up with the rest of the herd. Jal and Uwn immediately raced out and towards the megabill herd. Kra e tac was caught off guard by the sudden announcement and was several paces behind them. While still teenagers, they could hit speeds of 35mph. Uwn, being slightly smaller than the two males, immediately gained a lead and ran alongside the herd, about 20 yards to the left. Kra was about to take to right side when Jal cut him off, then doubled back to the center position. “What is he doing?” thought Kra, his senses on high alert. Kra continued to swerve to the right, staying well out of Jal’s way. Jal ran into the herd, a very risky move, even for an experienced hunter. The threat of being trampled was a deadly one. Uwn glanced at Kra from across the valley floor, the question plain on her face. “Why is he doing that? That wasn’t in the plan”. Kra dipped his head quickly, the Krekatorian version of a shrug.

Kra and Uwn continued running along the side of the herd this whole time, curious as to why their pack mate was doing this. Jal soon revealed his plan. He began biting the ankles of the passing megabills as they passed him in the herd. This spooked even the healthy adults, and they ran faster. Kra put it together in his head a few seconds before Uwn did. “He’s trying to separate the wounded calf from the herd by himself!”  That wasn’t part of the plan. They were almost to the point where the river turned and the Valley changed direction. There the out flankers were waiting. But they didn’t know what Jal was doing, and therefore, misjudging the speed of the herd.

Kra looked over the herd at Uwn, who, while still running alongside, looked completely lost as to what to do. Kra took it upon himself to make sure this did not ruin the hunt. But how to do that? He located the calf, now falling behind the herd at a rapid rate. Its wounds were fairly gruesome, definitely the work of a king hunter. The river was coming up on Kra’s right, and that controlled the direction of the herd. Since no one was needed on this side to keep the herd in check, Kra swerved towards the center, where Jal was farther in the herd. “Jal! Come back! This wasn’t in the plan!” Kra yelled, but Jal either didn’t hear or care. The herd was now so far away from the calf, it had almost stopped running. The out flankers would not see it right away, and follow the herd. They would not be able to find it. Kra ran into the herd, swerving in-between giant legs and tails. He could just barely make out Jal, about 10 feet away. Kra tried to get closer, but a slower female megabill was running between them. The female’s tail almost knocked into Kra, a lethal hit in these circumstances. Kra began to think that this was hopeless; they would die in this stampede.

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