E.L. Bosse: Zoo volunteer, Zoologist and Paleontologist in Training, and hopefully, future author.

Meet The Author

Evan Lee Bosse was born on August 16, 1995. Born and raised in northern Maine. He was always obsessed with dinosaurs and weird animals. Determined, compassionate, humorus, and a little too focused sometimes, he decided to write a book sometime in early 2012. He is still currently writing it, and that is what this website is devoted to.

Book Summary


Forget everything you knew about the world 65 million years ago. We have no idea how wrong we were.

Civilazation covers the globe. Nowhere near as populated as today, but with 500,000 self aware beings, it's far from a ghost town. The hundred or so cities are filled with skyscrapers 300 feet tall, vehicles that look like mechanic insects, and thousands of occupants. But they are not human. Not even close.

Troodon. A dinosaur obscure in our culture. Known from teeth and little else. Yet they, not us were the first civilazation on the planet. They make machines, hunt other dinosaurs, make art and music, write scrolls, and raise families. And they know about the meteorite that will soon impact their planet.

Thats why they are looking for a new home.

With time travel at their claw-tips, they are prepared to search eternity, literally, all of eternity, for a new home. Faced with the the threat of extinction, they will search the past and future until they find it. And when human and dinosaur meet, whether it be the first or last time this happens, there is no telling what will occur.

The young recruit, Kra e' Tac, is the latest of many to leave his time period to go searching for a stable home for his people. But he will accomplish what none before him has.

He will find us.



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